PMS Performance

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The information given below was compiled from publicly available Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) data regarding 'Discretionary PMS Services'. We are not responsible for any errors. Please consult a SEBI-registered investment advisor before investing in any product.

If you find a discrepancy between any numbers on this page and SEBI's pages, please contact us and we will attempt to rectify it immediately. If there is any issue with the original data on SEBI's website, please contact SEBI directly as we will not be able to change it.

SEBI data is not available for all months. Such months are marked with 'NRF' (No Records Found) in the table. If and when such data becomes available, we will update this page.

The presentation below (compounding of monthly returns) is an approximate way of measuring performance across time. A more accurate comparison such as an XIRR calculation using daily capital flows is not possible with currently publicly available data, because SEBI does not require PMS managers to report daily capital flows.

SEBI does not require monthly reporting of scheme-wise data, so only a Portfolio Manager's overall performance is available on SEBI's website. Scheme-wise annual performance data is required to be disclosed in PMS managers' disclosure documents; however, these are not available in a standardised format.

Please note that quantitative performance data is only one facet of a fund manager. Many other criteria may distinguish a fund manager such as investment philosophy, style, process, strategy, objectives, etc.

SEBI's own disclaimer regarding the data is reproduced below.

"The performance of the Portfolio Manager (PM) has not been approved or recommended by SEBI nor SEBI certifies the accuracy or adequacy of the Monthly Report. The monthly report of the PM has been prepared by the individual Portfolio Manager as required by SEBI circular on " Monthly reporting by Portfolio Managers" dated October 08, 2010 and filed with SEBI. The monthly report, inter-alia, contains 'performance of the PM during the month'. It may be noted that the relationship between the PM and the client is contractual in nature and the PM mainly provides customized service taking into consideration the need of customers, their preferences, risk profiling, suitability etc. Further, no pooling is allowed and no units are issued as in the case Mutual fund. Therefore, the performance of one portfolio manager may not be comparable with the performance of another."