Shareholding Pattern Reverse Lookup


The information given below was compiled from publicly available stock exchange data regarding 'Shareholding Pattern'. Typically, listed companies are required to file a statement showing Shareholding Pattern within 21 days of the end of each quarter.

We are not responsible for any errors in the data. Please consult a SEBI-registered investment advisor before investing in any securities. If you find a discrepancy between any numbers on this page and original exchange filings, please contact us and we will attempt to rectify it immediately. If there is any issue with the original data on the exchange's website, please contact the relevant authorities directly as we will not be able to change the same. Data may not be available for recent quarters, the latest quarter or may be absent.

In the exchange filings, shareholders are identified by name, hence they have no unique identifier. The same shareholder may appear multiple times in the data due to different spellings or typographical errors in regulatory filings. Conversely, if there are two different shareholders with exactly the same name, it may not be possible to distinguish between them using the current data.

Given below are the shareholdings for:
Name Security name Code Total shares % held Mkt Val (Cr) Quarter
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