PMS (Portfolio Management Service) For Indian and NRI Investors

Shepherd's Hill offers "64 Squares",

  • PMS is an alternative to mutual funds for the knowledgeable and educated investor. PMS companies, like mutual funds, are regulated by SEBI.
  • We invest for you in marketable securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) with the goal of growing your assets at a rate which is materially above average without using high levels of debt or risk.
  • We put ourselves in your boat by charging performance fees only.
  • For the private investor, PMS is a superior alternative to mutual funds due to greater flexibility for the fund manager and a larger opportunity set in the market.
  • We require a minimum investment of Rs. 50 lakhs and a soft commitment of five years for each tranche of investment.
  • 64 Squares is most suitable for the conservative, long-term saver who may be saving for retirement, children's education or future family needs.
  • We strongly discourage short-term traders and stock market punters from applying for our service, as our short-term results may be volatile.


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How It Works

Shepherd's Hill Financial Advisors LLP., a Securities and Exchange Board of India-certified portfolio manager (Registration No.: INP000004748), has appointed Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited as custodian for its portfolio management service (PMS) clients. The following steps are necessary for opening your PMS account.

  • Understand 64 Squares: Review this website, read about our thought process, ask us questions, and invest with us only if our service fits with your way of thinking.
  • Understand our fee structure: 0% fixed fee, 6% cumulative compounding hurdle rate, 22% performance fee, early withdrawal fee if applicable. Please read our disclosure document for details on fees and calculation examples.
  • Apply: Fill out the form to the left. Within 24 hours, we will dispatch a document package to you and an email with the electronic application form for signature.
  • Sign Application: Sign the PMS application.
  • Provide documents: Signed originals of PMS and custodian applications. 2 self-attested (self-signed) copies each of PAN card and address proof. 3 photos. Your nominee's self-attested PAN card copy and address proof.
  • Account opens: Your account will be ready within two weeks of receipt of all documents, and your long-term investment programme can begin as soon as the funds are transferred. You will receive regular quarterly reports about your investment.